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Mini hotel in Kiev “Seventh Sky” – You Are Welcome!

Kyiv Hotels differ with their interior decoration, pricing and location. Visitors of the Ukrainian capital always have a wide range of choice. But we can assure you that the “7 Sky” Hotel in Kyiv will be the best to stay.

One of the most exciting hotels in Kyiv Ukraine «7Sky» is located at the very historic and business centre of the Ukrainian capital, where life never stops in the day and night, where almost 24/7 you can find something that is necessary for you. And at the same time “7Sky” is placed in a comfortable quiet place, no matter which of our two addresses you’ll choose. Both hotels on Shchorsa and Clinichna streets have a space to leave your car on the paid parking lot. This feature is difficult to catch in Kyiv hotels, especially in the uptown. If you prefer to use a public transport, both of our hotels are near the stations of different kinds of transportation. Our staff will surely assist you in finding the best pricing taxi service.

The benefits of mini-hotels in Kyiv

If you’re searching an affordable hotel in Kyiv to stay, the “mini” format will provide you an opportunity to save money while receiving a high level of comfort at every stage of our service. Mostly, this is because the smaller hotels don’t require a lot of staff.

“7Sky’s” team is very attentive to every customer and our rooms have everything you will ever need for a comfortable staying in this charming small hotel, Kyiv. Even the standard rooms are equipped as luxury apartments at any of our locations, whether on the street of Shchorsa or Clinichna. In the room you’ll have an access to the World Wide Web, Wi-Fi, allowing you not only to relax and to feel yourself at home but also to be able to work with a comfort. And additional insulation in our rooms will give you even more personal space.

In our suites, it is very easy to feel comfortable. We use only hypoallergenic textile and pay much attention to details in elegant interior style, created by known design artists of our capital.
Please, take into consideration that breakfast is included into the price of room. The prices in “7Sky” can’t be specified to a luxury category of Kyiv hotels. An affordable Kyiv hotel with a handy location and easy for you to get to any city district. All this can be related to our company.

There is an airport nearby the hotel on Clinichna street as well as railway station. It’s pretty easy to get to our hotel from any of these places. We are always ready to offer you any necessary information about the rapid transport schemes. If the purpose of your visit to Kyiv is to receive medical services be aware that one of the best clinics in the country, Amosov Institute, is located nearby our hotel on the Clinichna street. Next to our hotel on Schorsa, there is the Central Military Hospital.

Our friendly features

The hotel “7Sky” in Kiev is a perfect place for those who value the beauty of architecture. Check the view from the birds-eye from our hotel, the best among Kyiv hotels views. Our rooms are located on the upper floors of houses standing on the famous Kyiv hills. But if you’re not interested into this you can completely blackout the windows even in the daytime.

You might not feel like home in our rooms but you’re really going to feel like at seventh heaven. The attentive service of our small hotel let you understand that Kyiv knows how to welcome its guests according to the friendly Ukrainian traditions. At every trip to Kiev, our guests usually return to us choosing the cozy and cheap “7Sky”hotel.

Still have any doubts? Welcome to the 3D-tour on our hotel and you will see what you’ll find in “7Sky” hotel.