M. "Palace of Ukraine", E. Konovaltsya str. 3 - (067) 830 50 50 Clinical str. 23-25 - (096) 204 78 79, Apartments - (067) 506 55 31

Prices and Discounts

Prices and discounts on Konovaltsya street

Hotel “7Sky” on E. Konovaltsya street 3 offers everyday 10% discount!

— One-room double junior suite — 1850 UAH/day (1650 UAH/day)
— One-room double family — 1750 UAH/day (1550 UAH/day)
— One-room double standard — 1650 UAH/day (1450 UAH/day)

Prices and discounts on Clinichna street

Hotel “7Sky” on Klinicheskaya St, 23-25, 2nd ENTRANCE, DAILY OPERATE 10% DISCOUNT!

— One-room double suite — 1800 UAH/day (1600 UAH/day)
— One-room family — 1700 UAH/day (1500 UAH/day)
— One-room double standard — 1600 UAH/day (1400 UAH/day)

Apartments on the Clinical str.


— Standard apartment — 1600 UAH/day (1400 UAH/day) – for patients of Nikolay Amosov’s clinic – 1150 UAH/day.
— Superior apartment — 1700 UAH/day (1500 UAH/day) – for patients of Nikolay Amosov’s clinic – 1250 UAH/day.

The network of hotels “Seventh Heaven” for patients of the clinic of Nikolai Amosov, a daily discount of 20%.

Weekend offer: from Saturday to Monday in the hotels on Klinicheskaya St. 23-25 is 20% discount.

Prices are sometimes striking in size in hotels in Kiev, especially if they are located in the center of the city. Even experienced travelers are unpleasantly surprised by this factor. But the prices in the hotel “7Sky” have a positive impact on the guests of the capital of Ukraine. By the way, the location of our hotel is convenient for the factor that it is located not far from the historical center of Kiev, but on the streets not overloaded with traffic jams and a lot of passers-by. And the hotel on Klinicheskaya Street is located in a very quiet and peaceful place.If you are looking for hotels in Kiev, where prices are not off scale and loyal to potential customers, then “7Sky” is what you need. We monitor the pricing policy of mini-hotels and conventional hotels throughout the capital, and always offer comfortable rooms at adequate rates. This allows us to work smoothly for many years, since 2010.

We make concessions to our guests in many ways and regularly offer promotional discounts and other pleasant surprises, especially to regular customers. Turning to “7Sky” you can be sure that you will get a high level of service, staying in any of our rooms, for each of the addresses of our chain of mini hotels at prices that will be lower than in apartments of similar level in most hotels in the capital of Ukraine. At the same time you have the opportunity to choose what is more suitable for you.

Details about the hotel chain “7Sky”

The hotel on Klinicheskaya Street has lower prices than in our hotel on Shchorsa Street (now this street is named Evgeny Konovalets Street). The level of service is the same in both hotels.

The hotel on the Clinical Street is located near the Amosov Medical Institute, on Shchorsa Street is situated directly opposite the National Palace of Arts “Ukraine”. If you come to Kiev to a concert of your favorite star, then the best hotel with reasonable prices you will not find. All our apartments are located on high floors of multi-storey buildings, so silence and peace are always guaranteed to you.

“7Sky” is a highly professional hotel in Kiev, where prices for Suite, Junior Suite, Family, Double Standard rooms will always be lower than in most hotels in the capital. To get acquainted with what looks like inside the “7Sky” on both addresses visual 3D tour on our site will help you. Choose the hotel “7Sky” at a price or location, and enjoy a comfortable stay in our rooms.