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6 authentic places in Kiev: not only delicious but also interesting

There are a lot of places in Kiev, in the city center their concentration is especially high. Here you can find a gourmet restaurant, an anticafe, a wine bar and a club within five hundred meters. Many chefs were awarded high honors for their skills, and wine bars have a wide assortment. The service is also at a fairly high level, but this indicator can not be generalized.

First of all, it is worth noting that if you book a hotel in Kiev, you will almost always be offered breakfast included. They are hearty and small – just what you need for the morning. Large hotels offer more sumptuous options, such as a breakfast buffet. You can also order lunch and dinner here: usually the menu offers European and national Ukrainian dishes.

However, it is better to rent a hotel in Kiev for rest, and to have dinner and supper in the cafes and restaurants of the city. There are several establishments that definitely deserve attention because of their concept, or gastronomic delights.


The restaurant has a very interesting interior. For its design, 30 km of rope was used. But not only the interior deserves attention. There is a real tandoor from India in the restaurant, in which meat is prepared. Skilful chefs are cooked right in the hall in front of the guests, and the waiters serving food not quite in the usual way, for example, in dry ice.


Georgian Restaurant on the Mechnikov Street. Its peculiarity, of course, is in the Georgian cuisine, and an incredible collection of wines from this sunny country. In the walls of the restaurant you can really go beyond the familiar Slavic spirit of Saperavi and Kindzmarauli, and try exclusive wines. By the way, the interior was made by an Italian designer and carried out in the Loft style. Restaurant Odessa, along with Shoti take the first two places according to the version of various Internet services, where you can find any places and Kyiv hotels, prices and reviews for them.


Ukrainian products cooked in Italian manner? Easily! In the hearts of millions around the world, Italian cuisine occupies a special place. The concept of this place is that pasta and pizza are made from local products, and preference is given to organic farm products. For the chefs of the restaurant on Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya Street, it is important not to achieve the taste of “the same Italian food”, but to make sure that Ukrainian products are served their authentic voice.


Truly this is an old-fashioned restaurant. This is an extremely popular place with a design of the early 20th century. Ilyich’s lamps, advertising signs, national decoration of the hall. Own tinctures, delicious borsch and vareniki are prepared in Pervak. For real Ukrainian cuisine and drinks you need to go here.

Deja Vu

This is almost a hall of fame for rock’n’roll, only in the format of a restaurant. The walls are decorated with rare guitars, for example, there is a guitar of the Metallica group, and also in the collection of the bar there are gold discs Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple, Scarf Patricia Kaas, and many other exhibits, including hundreds of autographs of celebrities from the CIS and the world. In the hall “Rock” one of the walls is decorated with a motorcycle and plays the appropriate music. There are two more halls – “John Lennon” and “Jazz”.

Ward №6

For those who are bored with the usual bars, an absinthe bar opened on the Vorovsky Street. Lattices on windows, soft walls, urological cabinet in the toilet, test tubes with alcohol and waitresses-nurses doing alcohol injections. Almost like in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. Only with alcohol.

Of course, do not forget about all sorts of anti-smoking – free space is now in vogue. If you come on business, and renting a hotel in Kiev cheap, it is possible to work comfortable with a laptop not in a hotel room, but in cozy anti-cafe at good rates.

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