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Experimentanium: it is interesting museum not only for children


The capital of Ukraine is developing, and every year there are more and more interesting places for residents and tourists. Especially pleasant that it is possible at any time to book a suitable hotel in Kiev, the price of which can be found online .

Following the example of the whole world, interesting scientific and entertainment centers are opening in Kiev, where children can get acquainted with the laws of physics and chemistry, and adults can refresh their knowledge and take part in interesting experiments. Thanks to such centers it is possible to travel easily with children and not be afraid that they will get bored on a trip. So, hotels in Kiev, the prices of which depend on the category, offer different accommodation options with children, so it remains to choose the most suitable one and go on a trip to the capital of Ukraine!

Experimentanium is a museum of a new format, where visitors not only look at exhibits and listen to stories, but also take part in the process. There is a huge choice of programs, during which various mechanisms are demonstrated, experiments are conducted and various phenomena are explained. Therefore, if you intend to rent a hotel in Kiev and do not know what to do in your free time, go to the experiment museum!

About the museum

Experimentanium occupies three floors in a building near the metro station Petrivka – very convenient for those who choose central hotels in Kiev, the prices for many of which are very affordable. The museum has a thematic division:

  • Anatomy;
  • Mechanics;
  • Electromagnetism;
  • Optics;
  • Acoustics.

In each hall, the certain laws of nature are explained to visitors on clear examples. The guides are graduates of higher educational institutions with technical education, so they will give explanations when questions arise.

In the museum there are clubs in chemistry and physics for children. In addition, during the school holidays there organized the so-called “scientific camp”, where children can learn a lot of new things, take part in experiments, master classes, quests and other entertainments.


Certainly, it is especially useful for a child to visit such places like Experimentarium, as often as possible. However, even if you just need to rent a hotel room in Kiev and go out to have fun with your child for a couple of hours before another event, scientific and entertainment center suits perfectly. Adults, as well as children, are interested in seeing the laws of physics, mechanics and optics in action, as well as conducting experiments with one’s own hand. In addition, various trainings workshops are carry out in the museum, which are conducted by specialists and doctors of sciences.

One of the most exciting exhibits is “Tesla” – a plasma ball with electric lightnings inside. Experiments with an electric field are carry out on it. Also the exhibits demonstrating the work of the magnetic field are very impressive.

Experimentanium is open to everything new, and its employees are doing everything possible to make science interesting for children. Here carry out trainings and lectures, organize sections for schoolchildren, regularly update the collection of exhibits and open new expositions.

There is a shop on the territory of the museum selling logical, developing and cognitive games, sets of young experimenters, puzzles, books and other goods that help to expand knowledge.
It should be noted that the Experimentanium is a unique place of Ukraine, so if you decide to rent a room in Kiev and stop here for a while, be sure to visit this museum.

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